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A moment with: Bec Connelly

Bec - a skin therapist with over 16 years experience - is a self-confessed 'skin nerd' and founder of skincare brand Botanicals By Luxe. Her small-batch skincare range is ethically made in Australia using only sustainable, natural and skin-safe ingredients... and a quick glance at the raving testimonials Bec receives proves it clearly works.

You can find more from Bec on Instagram or her website.

Q. What inspired you to launch Botanicals By Luxe?

Bec: I have been a skin therapist for 16 years, I love everything about it and always knew I wanted to have my own range but always put it in the 'too hard basket'. After a pretty rocky road of fertility treatments to have the boys, my husband Nato and I knew we wanted to create our own business and for me to stay home with the boys. It was definitely not easy, I couldn't find a manufacturer to take me seriously, with several of them calling me a mum with a hobby! I persevered and found a wonderful team we still work with today.

I wanted to create a range that was vegan, Australian, ethical, results-driven and created with passion and experience. We started off with one product in April 2018 and now the range has 14 products and is shipped Australia-wide every day.

Q. What does self-care mean to you and what role does it play in your life?

Bec: I'm working on this! Self-care to me is downtime, time relaxing with the family - without my phone! Being present, enjoying the simple things. We love going to bush walks, beach adventures and I also LOVE a bath! I also enjoy going for early morning walks with a girlfriend and spending time with my family in Warrnambool. I suffer from postnatal anxiety which is under control now but I really believe it is important to my mental health to have those self-care moments every week.

Q. Self-care isn't always easy. What advice do you have for anyone who's struggling to prioritise themselves? 

Bec: I get this absolutely! Especially mum-guilt! As mentioned, I am working on this and do truly believe the saying "you can't pour from an empty cup". When the boys were younger I even used to feel guilty going to the supermarket alone and I would rush home haha. Nato is always telling me to take some time out for myself which I am starting to do more of. It is SO important to take those little pockets of time for yourself and go for a solo walk, have a cup of tea in peace.

Start small, it doesn't need to be a girls' weekend away every month - just recharge your batteries when you can and try and schedule in a little bit of "you" time every week.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote, mantra or role model that inspires you to practice self-care?

Bec: I love a good mantra!! Some of my faves that resonate with me are;

"I am worth taking good care of."

"I rise each day with new possibility."

"When I look after myself, I can shine my light brighter on others."

For more from Bec, follow her on Instagram at @botanicalsbyluxe or visit


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