A moment with: Jenna Hutchison

From candles to artwork, phone cases and working with Microsoft, Jenna Hutchison is a talented, self-taught artist who's not afraid to boldly follow her dreams.

You can find more about Jenna and Love Ludie on Instagram or her website.

Q. What inspired you to launch Love Ludie?

Jenna: Ludie was the name of my imaginary friend when I was little, Love Ludie was originally born as a candle business (out of a love for candles myself!). As the candle business progressed I wanted to paint my own label for the candles, and so I did...and shared the process on Instagram with my followers. Suddenly people were asking more about my artwork than the candles themselves! All facets of my business have been inspired by following my own interests, and very "self-taught" attitude.

Q. What does self-care mean to you and what role does it play in your life?

Jenna: I live my life by the self-care of listening to my body, and what it needs to be nourished physically, and emotionally. Whether this means slowing down with work, missing a social event, or having a few days where I do yoga, beach walks and facemasks, I know it serves me holistically to listen and be kind to myself. Because pushing against that never works.

Q. How do you like to practice self-care? Are there certain activities/rituals that best work for you?

Jenna: Self-care can look like so many different things to me. From walking my dog at the beach, or doing yoga, to simply lighting some incense, or even just having a glass of wine! I've definitely found the value in learning what self-care practice works for you, recognising when I need it and using it as a form of productivity for myself, my life and my work.

Q. Self-care isn't always easy. What advice do you have for anyone who's struggling to prioritise themselves? 

Jenna: Invest in yourself. I strongly believe that investing in yourself, listening to your body and honouring how you a form of productivity. Balance is so important. I used to paint until late at night and i now finish around 3-4pm go for a walk, have a bath and have me time. I think it's so crucial to make that part of your ‘work’ - working on yourself.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote, mantra or role model that inspires you to practice self-care?

Jenna: Inspiration branches from people like - my yoga teacher, meditation apps and platforms and tapping into the magic that those people have to offer and the time they have given to hold that space. I love the saying ‘i just acknowledge how I feel’

For more from Jenna, follow her on Instagram at @loveludie or visit


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