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How to combat eco-overwhelm

Green, eco, ethical, sustainable, natural, organic… you’d be hard-pressed to go into any store and not see these words on a number of product labels.

Don’t get me wrong - I think it’s fantastic and I applaud any approach to minimising the destruction we’re causing our planet - but to be completely honest, the volume of environmentally-friendly products we now have to choose from has left me feeling a little overwhelmed.


It’s embarrassing to admit and I feel more than a tad guilty, but I’ve been so confused about what kind of product is going to make the most positive impact on the earth that I’ve felt too paralysed to take much action at all. There’s too many choices and it’s too hard to know where to start, so instead I do nothing.

Beyond my keep cup and reusable shopping bags, what should I be focusing on next?

Is it my cleaning products? Or my clothes? Skin care products? My vegetables? Transport options? Utilities?

On top of this, the sheer magnitude of climate change makes me feel a bit powerless. As one person on a planet of billions, surely I’d have to overhaul my entire lifestyle to make even the smallest difference? At what point should I just move off the grid so I can be 100% sustainable?

The whole concept feels incredibly daunting.

Although I have a strong belief in climate change, a deep respect for our environment and a desire to do good, I’ve been struggling to combat the symptoms of my ‘eco-overwhelm’ on my own.

So, I called in the experts.

With help from the lovely Celeste from Natural Supply Co, I recently tried switching out some of my regular beauty products with natural, ethical, eco-friendly options instead. And no joke - it genuinely has made such a difference.

Not only am I feeling so much better (ahem less guilty) about the impact my actions are having on our planet, I’m nourishing my skin with products that don’t contain any toxic nasties. It’s a self-care win-win.

Having a dedicated one-stop shop like Natural Supply Co. to provide all the direction I need in terms of finding and purchasing genuinely eco-friendly, ethical, natural and cruelty-free products is also making it a thousand times easier to combat my confusion and overwhelm.

Interested in hearing more about the products I tried from Natural Supply Co?

Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty editor or makeup guru. I’m a regular girl, trying to be a little bit kinder to the environment (and my own health) by using more natural products. I’m hoping some of my thoughts are helpful if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to start in your own routine.

Here are three of the staple products I’ve been using over the past few weeks:

  • Lanolips Lemonaide lip treatment: this absolutely delightful lip treatment was super hydrating on my notoriously dry lips. It was super smooth to go on and left my lips feeling incredibly soft. Not only that, it smelt (and tasted) absolutely delicious, like drinking an ice-cold lemonade on a hot day!

  • Biologi Save My Skin bundle: this bundle included the luminosity face serum, rejuvenation eye serum and hydration body serum. I’m not going to lie – I’m notoriously lazy with my skin care, and often it all seems too hard or too complicated. Having just 3 products was so simple and the kit came with very clear instructions, making it super easy to follow. Since using these miracle products my skin has already become clearer and softer, my tone is more even, and my (stubborn!) redness has reduced.

  • Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara: as someone who normally gets eyelash extensions, I actually haven’t used mascara for quite a while but my gosh this was above and beyond the memories I have of the clumpy, smudgy, hard to apply mascara which made me get eyelash extensions in the first place! The shape of the brush made application super easy, and I was so impressed with the volume and separation that was achieved. It’s also enriched with organic moringa oil to help improve lash health – an absolute added bonus.

Switching to natural products certainly didn’t compromise on quality (if anything the natural ingredients provided added benefits) and at the same time it made me feel better about myself and my impact on the world.

When I was first sent the products to try from Natural Supply Co. I thought it would be a nice experience in self-care and trying out some more eco-friendly products.

But what I got was so much more.

Since making this switch I’ve actually felt the haziness of my eco-overwhelm start to lift. I know I’ve still got a long way to go in my quest to live more sustainably, but at least I’ve made a start, and I have more clarity that now all I need to do is keep taking small steps, one at a time.

A delightful surprise was also being able to experience first-hand just how connected our own health and happiness is to that of the world around us. When we are kind to the earth, we are kind to ourselves. In the wise words of Meredith Gaston (from her delightful book ‘Find Your Sparkle’):

“Natural approaches to looking after ourselves and the environments in which we live are ways that we can nourish our inner sparkles and refresh our spirits.

When our earth’s sparkle is tarnished and extinguished, so is our own. We often wonder why we can feel so sad and disillusioned. It’s because we are feeling with our Earth.

We may not know quite where to begin healing our earth’s sparkle. We may feel disheartened by the damage already done. Yet all the while, change begins with us. Finding new ways to embrace and love ourselves and our earth more is simply a matter of learning. Let us educate ourselves into a brighter, sparklier, happier and healthier future.”

Who doesn’t want that!?

Would you like to know more about Natural Supply Co.?

Natural Supply Co is a one-stop online destination for luxe natural, organic and plastic free products. Run by two mums – Celeste and Sarah - in Geelong, every brand on the website has been carefully selected and meets the following criteria:

  • the products must be eco-friendly and ethical

  • the products must be high performance, yet contain a majority of natural ingredients

  • the products must be cruelty free and only tested on humans

  • the manufacturing and packaging process must be environmentally conscious

Celeste and Sarah don’t sacrifice luxury, only stocking products that truly work and brands they genuinely love.

You really can feel the passion that Celeste and Sarah put into their business in every interaction. They pack all orders themselves and add a handwritten note for every customer, while every email and social media post makes it seem like you’re chatting to an old friend.

Natural Supply Co. stock all kinds of beauty, skincare and lifestyle products – making it the best place to start looking when you’re feeling overwhelmed on which natural products to purchase next.

It’s time to say goodbye to eco-overwhelm!

Wishing you all the best as on your journey to beat eco-overwhelm and start living more sustainably… I’d love to hear how you go or if you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions for me to try please feel free to share in the comments below.

Em x


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