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retreat society helps busy millennials to pause and live a more content, fulfilled life. In this chaotic new world it’s never been more important to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing, practice genuine self-care, find gratitude in the little joys each day, and learn how to embrace your own company. The retreat society blog and directory offers simple self-care tips and tools for anyone to try, and showcases and connects you with delightful local small businesses that help you enjoy some ‘me-time.’ Learning how to embrace your own company and be kind to yourself can be really scary, uncomfortable and unfamiliar for a lot of people, but for your own sanity - particularly in these challenging times - it is absolutely essential. Your mind will thank you now, and when the world eventually resumes to its hustle and bustle, you might just be grateful you learnt some tips on how to retreat from it all. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious with the rate of change and uncertainty spreading across the world right now? Perhaps you’re worried about the effects on your own life, health and career, and that of loved ones, friends, and the wider community? Are you struggling to adjust to this new way of life, where spending time in solitude is the new normal? Are you feeling pressured to be more productive, and ‘get on top of’ every aspect of your life, from your home to finances, career, relationships, health, happiness and everything in between? Like no matter how many items you tick off, your to-do list keeps growing...yet everyone else seems to have it so much more together? Do you feel like you just need some permission to stop, breathe and simply be content? retreat society can help you You’re not alone. Let’s help each other learn how to embrace our solitude, be kinder to ourselves, find joy in some ‘me-time’ and live more content, fulfilled lives. an important note... Self- care isn’t selfish. Rather than 'me only', self-care means 'me too' or 'me first', which will actually enable you to better care for those around you as well.​ Self-care is not self-indulgence, it’s self-preservation.

The blog:

Subscribe to our blog to be the first to receive our self-care tips and tools, including how to embrace your own company, be kinder to yourself and find joy in the little things. You’ll also be able to read in-depth features on delightful local small businesses that can help you enjoy some more me-time.

​Look for the subscription form at the bottom or side of the website to join, or if you're having trouble please email

The directory (coming soon):

Our directory will bring together a collection of the most delightful local small businesses in the self-care/ wellness industry, helping you discover where to go to buy your next bath soak, or find your next facial, sweat sesh, beauty treatment, cafe hideout, weekend getaway and more. As our economy suffers in these uncertain times, we must support our small businesses, whether that be purchasing a delivery from them, buying vouchers for when they re-open or perhaps heading to their website to give them a good rating/review. If you are a business interested in being listed on our directory (note we are starting with Victorian-based businesses) please email

my story

I’ve always been passionate about living a full life; about seizing the day, making the most of every opportunity and putting 110% effort into all I do. Although this was often encouraged and applauded as a strength, the constant pressure to optimise all elements in my life - from my work, to my friendships, relationships, home life and even my hobbies- was taking its toll. Life started to feel more and more like a never-ending to do list; an unrelenting pursuit to tick the next item off in order to ‘have it all together’; to be more successful; or feel happier. It was exhausting, unsustainable and I realised something had to change. In being kinder to myself, practicing genuine self-care, embracing more ‘me-time’ and finding gratitude for the little joys in each day, I discovered that true happiness isn’t found in external items, awards, achievements or ‘doing’ more. True happiness can instead be found when you’re at peace with yourself, content to simply ‘be’. When you’re comfortable in your own company, it doesn’t matter what chaos is going on in the outside world. You can learn how to retreat from it all and find joy by simply looking within. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, and there’s so much more I have to learn, but I do hope that the retreat society blog and directory can inspire other overwhelmed or burnt out millennials to pause and enjoy some more ‘me-time’. We’re all facing challenging and uncertain times in the world right now, so it’s never been more important to be kind to yourself and take care of your body and mind. After all, you are your true home; please make sure it’s a safe and welcoming place to be.

em x

creator, retreat society


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