serotonin eatery

Serotonin - the ultimate happiness center - is a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives.

Integrating a nourishing eatery with an exercise centre and education platform, Serotonin’s ethos is that optimal health requires a holistic approach.


The eatery menu is designed to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.


Serotonin founder Emily Hazell longed for a 'no-brainer menu', where every dish was nourishing and remove the need to narrow it down to one ‘healthy option’. 


Serotonin strives to remind us that health and happiness do not need to be complex and can be achieved with little effort.


For Emily, Serotonin is a place where she can be motivated daily and connect with like minded individuals looking to embrace a positive lifestyle.

Oh, and let’s not forget there’s indoor swings!

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52 Madden Grove, Burnley VIC 3121

(03) 9108 1507