the break room

The Break Room philosophy is simple; break things and feel good. 

Searching for a unique way to relieve stress on your own terms? Look no further than some guilt-free breaking! 


The Break Room started as a flash of inspiration in a moment of rage when founder Ed was working himself into an early grave in a corporate job. He needed a way to break his stress spiral on his own terms.


Inside The Break Room there's only you, your breakables and a baseball bat in your hand. How you go about letting out your feelings is entirely up to you. Use the time to feel better, release any aggression, and have a great time.


The goal is for you to come out a calmer and happier person than when you went in. Wreck a bunch of crockery or e-waste and come out feeling lighter than air, ready to tackle the next challenge life throws at you.

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29 Budd Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

0456 539 840