An ancient remedy for modern times, Unyoked’s wilderness hideouts help you disconnect and regain a sense of freedom the 9-to-5 made you forget you had.

Tucked in it’s own secluded area of nature unlocked just for you, each tiny house has been handcrafted with local, sustainable materials and built to be 100% off the grid, having a minimal footprint but maximum chill. 


These “adventure-and-chill” hideouts have been designed to make you feel part of the landscape, slow down and enjoy life’s rituals.


The Unyoked team believe life’s best lived with just enough to do what’s needed and no more, carefully curating each experience to help you get back to basics and focus on what really matters.


Reclaim your freedom, simplify your life and allow yourself to gain fresh perspective surrounded by nature.


Wander in the woods and make your own trail with Unyoked.

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Various locations across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane