WellRead is a thoughtfully curated book subscription service delivering the best new literary titles to your doorstep.

Aiming to bring together discovery, reading and joy (and encourage you to put down your devices), you can expect rich reading experiences with nuanced characters and interesting premises that leave you enchanted or stirred or enlivened and always a little bit changed. 


The WellRead curatorship is geared towards stimulating your reading life, capitalising on the immeasurable power of reading and the very real ways it can make us better and more interesting people.


You decide if you’d like to receive a book monthly or once every two months, and you can skip a month whenever you like, no questions asked.


The team read mountains of books and cherry-pick the best new literary titles so that you don’t risk wasting precious time and money on duds.  


Their aim is to keep you WellRead.

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