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Photos shot at The Summer House, Torquay, Victoria


Seeking more from life than feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in the daily grind?

These retreats are deeply rejuvenating intimate getaways where luxurious self-care meets transformative personal growth work, designed to help busy, high-performing women break free from the daily grind and rediscover your best self.


Nestled in Victoria's stunning Surf Coast, you’ll get a chance to slow down, unwind, train your mind to enjoy a lasting sense of peace and walk away feeling inspired and fulfilled to live a life true to you.

What's included in my upcoming Unwind + Thrive retreat?

 Friday 15 September to Sunday 17 September 2023 

This intimate retreat, featuring a collaboration with Jenna Hutchison of Love Ludie, is only available for a total of 8 guests and includes:

  • 3 days and 2 nights in luxury, light-filled accommodation nestled in Torquay, along Victoria's stunning Surf Coast

  • A 2-hour private art workshop with highly-saught after artist Jenna Hutchison of Love Ludie, to help you unwind and experience the joy of creativity, ensuring you feel inspired and reinvigorated

  • 3 x facilitated in-depth personal development workshops using my therapeutic and coaching techniques to help you find:
    ~ Calm: by slowing down and training your mind, body and soul to enjoy a more balanced, relaxed state of being
    ~ Clarity: by discovering the root cause of what's draining you and finding direction on how to feel like your true, energised self again
    ~ Contentment: by offering tools and techniques to help you uncover a clear vision for living your best life to help you achieve your goals with a lasting sense of peace and fulfillment

  • fully catered nourishing meals prepared on-site by a private chef across the entire weekend (catered to dietary requirements)

  • guided meditations

  • breathwork sessions

  • nature walks

  • optional beach sunrise experience

  • solar heated pool and water feature

  • zen courtyard for tranquility and reflection

  • connection around the ceremonial fire pit 

  • fully-set up yoga studio and equipment

  • delightful self-care gift box to take home

Plus optional access to discounted group coaching for 4 weeks post-retreat to integrate learnings and help you remain centred as you return to life's challenges.


The investment
Book before July 31  & save
Early bird price: $1597
Normally $1797

Who is this retreat for?


Busy, high-performing women who are sick of:

  • Running on empty

  • Feeling overwhelmed by endless to-do lists

  • Constantly grinding to achieve more

  • Holding yourself to impossibly high standards

  • Feeling pressured to please or exceed the expectations of everyone around you

  • Feeling stuck in a state of comparison and criticism, never really feeling good enough

  • Ticking off the items society told you would make you happy, yet still feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled

  • Only feeling fleeting moments of satisfaction or relief that are soon followed by a craving for the next goal or milestone to make you happier

  • Feeling trapped on the hamster wheel of life, operating at an unsustainable pace without a second for yourself to just stop and breathe

  • Feeling lost, doubting yourself, and questioning if this is how your life is meant to be

And who desire the freedom to:

  • slow down and enjoy time as a human being, not always a human doing

  • feel balanced and energised across your mind, body and soul

  • finally feel a lasting sense of peace and fulfillment

  • reduce the stress and pressure of achieving and pleasing everyone around you

  • fill your own cup first, and serve others from the overflow

  • become your own inner cheerleader rather than inner critic

  • find a balance between striving to achieve your goals, while still enjoying the journey 

  • find calm, perspective and acceptance even in the face of stress or challenge

  • feel clarity on what you truly want from your life  - not what everyone else thinks you ‘should’ do

  • feel aligned and purposeful in your life, with a clear sense of direction and meaning

Why is this retreat unique?

This isn't a retreat where you re-enter the world and instantly forget your new sense of calm. Using my experience as a therapist and coach, I help you embody life-changing perspectives and practices that can strengthen your mindset for life.

Many retreats can offer a beautiful way to relax and unwind, but often this doesn’t translate into long-term mental resilience upon return to the 'real world'. It's not hard for the sense of peace and calm we experience during the retreat to disappear a week or two later when the stresses of daily life are back in full swing. 

My retreats are specifically designed to offer the benefits of relaxation and self-care while going one step deeper and addressing the root cause of your stress/burnout/what’s keeping you stuck, to help you strengthen your mind to build a lasting sense of resilience even (and especially!) when life gets challenging. 

Many retreats also operate from a deeply spiritual lens that can feel overwhelming, and on the other hand, a scientific approach to mental health in the therapy room can feel equally intimidating to some. My approach is a blend of evidence-based science with a hint of gentle spirituality (without too much 'woo woo'), using an underlying philosophy that life can be truly awe-inspiring if we open our hearts and minds to it.

Often mindset or mental wellbeing offerings sit either in the category of self-care OR self-development OR spirituality. My approach is a powerful blend of all, so you can learn to find peace with where you’re currently at, while still working towards your highest, happiest self.


Emma Morgan
ACA registered counsellor, reformed high-achieving stress-head, current burnout therapist/coach + retreat host

Unsure it's worth the investment?


The most common barrier to self-care and personal development work is not having enough time or money. But in my experience, the cost of not investing in mindset and wellbeing far exceeds the cost of a retreat.

Understandably, our time and money are our most precious resources, and we want to make wise decisions on how to best invest these. So, it comes back to what you value most out of your life. Are peace and happiness key values for you? What about finding purpose and fulfillment? And showing up as your best self for your friends, family members, partners and colleagues?

What's the cost of feeling drained and exhausted? Uninspired? Lost and unfulfilled? Of ending up stuck in a life that doesn't lift you to your highest potential?

What if I told you investing in your self-care and self-growth could actually get you more time back? Research suggests we spend almost 2 hours every day worrying/stressed/anxious. That adds up to 730 hours of mental load every year. Imagine if you could spend one-weekend learning methods to help you get this time back for life? 

It was investing in my own mindset and wellbeing that offered the most transformation in every area of my life. From my
health and wellbeing to my career, and relationships – it's been the most effective way to improve my overall quality of life. It’s a short-term investment for serious long-term results.

Still unsure if it's right for you? 

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